[PCST] Charter allowing researchers to speak out

Toss Gascoigne director at chass.org.au
Fri Feb 22 10:33:37 UTC 2008

The new Australian Government has announced new moves to protect the right
of researchers to speak out on their findings.

The Minister issued the media release below today.

Toss Gascoigne

The Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research, Senator Kim
Carr, has re-affirmed the Government's strong commitment to work with public
research agencies to develop charters to protect their independence and
preserve their integrity.
Speaking at a forum organised by the Federation of Australian Scientific and
Technological Societies, Senator Carr re-iterated the value the Rudd
Government places on scientific research and confirmed that the Government
will introduce new charters for public research agencies to better define
their intellectual freedoms and responsibilities.
"Science and research are central to Australia's future prosperity and
social well-being. These charters will remove the doubt and uncertainty that
has existed in the past.
"The charters will clearly and unequivocally articulate the rights and
responsibilities of public research agencies in representing the findings of
their research and participating in robust, open and free public debate,"
Senator Carr said.
"Scientific analysis lies at the very heart of good policy making and good
government.  The charters will ensure that scientific findings play a key
role in the important decisions we make about Australia's future.
"The charters will apply both to public research agencies and the individual
scientists working within them.  What will emerge in each case will be a
common understanding of the principles and values that will guide public
engagement by these agencies,² Senator Carr said.
"Individuals will be expected to conduct their research according to
applicable ethical standards; and to act with awareness that they are
entrusted with the task of the honest and fearless pursuit of truth and
"Government, for its part, has corresponding responsibilities ­ it must
agree not to interfere improperly in the business of science or in the
scholarly process."
Media contact: Patrick Pantano, Minister's Office, 0417 181 936


Toss Gascoigne
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